HS monikanavaiset aineisto-ohjeet

HS Multichannel Solutions

Multichannel HS Front Page

Material info Print HS.fi and HS Mobile HS Tablet
Dimensions 254 x 308 mm 718 x 841 px 1436 x 1682 px
File size   max 200 kB max 2 MB
File format PDF JPG, PNG JPG, PNG


Print material

  • In addition to a PDF file, print material is also delivered as a layout file if the digital material is produced by Sanoma.

A HS front page ad may not have a working EAN code. The bar code may cause accidental purchases at shop checkouts. Sanoma Media Finland Oy does not filter out bar codes in materials.

Digital material

  • The material for all services must correspond to the same vertical material as in print.
  • 1 target URL. The whole ad serves as a link area.
  • All three sets of online materials are delivered.
  • 1–3 trackings (optional). Only click tracking is possible on the tablet.

Running the material through a 3rd party tag (such as Adform) is not possible in HS front page ads.

How are Front Pages Displayed in Different Channels?

Desktop and mobile

The ad will be displayed when the user visits the HS.fi site or the mobile applications on any page, but it will not be displayed on every ad impression. The ad can be closed by clicking the X at the top or bottom of the banner, and clicking the banner will redirect the user to content.

HS Multichannel Frontpage is primarily impression-based, and it receives an average of 270 000 impressions in digital channels. The ad will not be displayed to all HS readers, but is impression-based on mobile devices and computers as well as tablet browsers. This means that the ad will be displayed on about half of the browsers and applications that access the websites.


In HS tablet applications, the ad will be displayed at the beginning of the daily paper both in the digital edition and the edition designed for tablets. Due to the impression logics of the tablet, the number of ad impressions will vary slightly from day to day.

HS Other Multichannel Materials


Material info


Material delivery



528 x 365 mm

Full page:
254 x 365 mm

Fixed inserts:
254 x 365 mm,
4-page: 4 pcs
8-page: 8 pcs

3 x 365: 150 x 365 mm​

half page: 254 x 180 mm​

3 x 180: 150 x 180 mm​**

5 x 88: 254 x 88 mm​**

2 x 180: 99 x 180 mm​**

2 x 134: 99 x 134 mm**
  • the previous day at 12 noon​

  • Sunday and Monday: ​
    Friday at 12 noon

After booking, you will get a
material upload link that

  • materials for desktop,
    mobile and print

  • landing page URL
    (fixed inserts can
    have multiple URLs)​

  • tag (not mandatory)


jpg, png,
3rd party

W620 x H891 px, 
max 150 kt, 
jpg, png, HTML5,
3rd party tag

W600 x H500 px, 
max 80 kt, 
jpg, png, HTML5,
3rd party tag

* Fixed inserts are displayed in full-page size in a carousel. 1–4 images for a 4-page format, 1–8 images for an 8-page format, the desired page number in the file name of the image. Each page may have its own target URL.

** New material sizes are available from 2nd of January 2020.

Multichannel Solutions for Digital Materials to be Prepared

Digital materials to be prepared are sent by e-mail to  digitrafiikki@sanoma.com
We hope that the order will include an open layout file, the fonts and target URL and the contact information of the person approving the proof.

Please read the material production guidelines for HS multichannel products here >


Publication Day

Material delivery,
production requires approval

Material delivery,
no approval required

Monday Thu 12 noon Thu 3 pm
Tuesday Fri12 noon Fri 3 pm
Wednesday Mon 12 noon Mon 3 pm
Thursday Tue 12 noon Tue 3 pm
Friday Wed 12 noon Wed 3 pm
Saturday Wed 12 noon Wed 3 pm
Sunday Thu 9 am Thu 2 pm

Pre-made materials for multichannel ads have the same schedule as print ads. 

Material Schedules 


The production of digital material by Sanoma is also possible according to the rates below.

Production Price
  • Print material (PDF)
  • Digital material (JPG)

When the advertiser delivers the material
based on which the ad is produced

EUR 290
Digital material edited from
pre-made print material
EUR 195
Digital Material Delivery

If you have any problems delivering the digital material through the upload link, please contact us by e-mail: digitrafiikki@sanoma.com

Print Material Delivery

If you have any problems delivering the print material through the upload link, please contact us by e-mail: printtitrafiikki@sanoma.com