Sanoma data

Sanoma data

Sanoma’s data is big, strong and agile like a Finnish brown bear.

Bears can even climb trees when needed, and Sanoma’s data will do the same.

Our data allows us to offer you brand-new types of customer-driven audiences. We can target your ad as precisely as you wish either according to the interests of your customers or by utilizing your data in the Sanoma network. Our custom audience targeting boosts your advertising effectiveness, because it allows you to reach exactly the right target group: the consumers most likely to be interested in your product or service.

What Makes Sanoma’s Data Unique?

Almost all Finns (97%) use Sanoma's media. Our websites receive almost 260 000 000 page views every week, and each page view generates unique data. Due to this data, we are highly familiar with Finnish consumers and their media use. This sets us apart from others in the field. The large visitor volume of our network, consisting of the largest services in Finland, allows you to reach any target group, because the large audience can be divided into smaller segments, i.e. custom target groups, based on your very own customer data, for example. We collect our data ourselves from our own channels, the most popular, reliable websites in Finland, with the permission of your customers and while complying with the best privacy policies in the field.

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More Precise Targeting

If we at Sanoma wanted to take the easy way out, we would form a target group interested in mobile phones just on the basis of a single article read on Ilta-Sanomat, for example. Instead, we combine the data from all our services and form a target group from those who read multiple articles on mobile phones on different websites. Based on this, we can be certain that display ads are targeted to potential customers, people who are at this very moment considering buying a new mobile phone.

Which one is more likely to be interested in mobile phones?

Sanoma data esimerkki 1 matkapuhelimet

Has read one article that is somehow related to mobile phones within the past month.

Sanoma data matkapuhelimet esimerkki 2

Has read 5 reviews of mobile phones in two weeks and compares phone prices.

Sanoma data - mahdollisuudet mainostajille

Possibilities to Advertisers – Customer-driven Audiences

1. New Audience Targeting

You know your customers and so do we: they use Sanoma’s content on a daily basis. We can enrich your customer data by bringing the data we have collected from the Sanoma network to the drawing board: e.g. interests, purchase intent or stages in life. By combining our data, we can increase the size of your target group and find new customers for you by expanding your advertising to include people who closely resemble your existing customers. Whatever your target group, we can reach it.

Sanoma Data Targeting


2. Custom Audiences – Planning and Testing Together

When you want to reach customers interested in a particular topic, we can create custom audiences to meet your specific needs. Our audience tailoring that stems from your needs and is done according to your brief is flexible and quick. It is always based on interests and is displayed in the right context.

We collect targeting data on areas of interest from multiple data points, i.e. the numerous visits to our various sites. So, it is never a matter of chance or luck based on one read article, for example, but genuine interest that is shown towards a topic. Sanoma is the only one in Finland that can offer targeting at this level of precision due to its huge visitor volumes and diverse content.

A target group can be created for just about any topic. For example, advertising related to trips to the Canary Islands can be displayed to users who have read multiple articles on holidays in the Canaries on different pages and in connection with content concerning holidays in the Canaries. Your ad will only be displayed exactly where it is meant to be – in the right, reliable media environment and to the customers interested in your product or service. Effective and powerful!

3. Data Partnership

Genuine data partnership and close cooperation helps you to understand and reach your customers better. Our partnership model is built and tailored separately for each customer together with our data experts.

Case Kesko

View the video to see how Sanoma and Kesko began to establish their data partnership. The goal was to understand customers and their needs as well as possible and to buy advertising for precisely the target group for which marketing had been designed. The outcome was something truly historical.

We boldly ventured out with Sanoma to create common approaches by utilizing common data. The outcome was something truly historical. We’re coming up with solutions that have never been tried before. This journey has definitely been a dream come true.

Mia Roponen, Marketing Director, Kesko

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